The Dream

from by Vampir3



[verse 1]
one day you wake from the dream
the world aint what it seem
you were a youth
told lies and half truths
words flow in this booth
like blazin fire that's flame
these niggas think this a game
it's hard in this world
loosin's a shame
that's the pain and the price you pay
for all the dreams they make you throw away
that's everyday
young you make money and they take it away
old you retire and they take what's left of your pay
so my generation is drunk and fucked up
children with no love
not feelin the new gov
but the price always stay the same
they make us put out our flame

[verse 2]
gunshots in the night, gang armies and fleets
guerilla ghetto war out in these streets
my people are tired and weak
my name is the lorax i speak for the meek
the famine, hate, and disease
pimps turn the children into whores with ease
the drug war is joke somebody help us please
the fuckin feds send no relief
we work but only see tiresome grief
so we turn dealin dope instead of gettin degrees
you dont understand what it's like
and you dont understand we have to fight


from New Age Icon (MIXTAPE), released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Vampir3 Clearlake, California


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