Buried Alive

from by Vampir3



[verse 1]
this is the place that traps you
take another shit on me please do
bronken streets broken homes
but it's all worse cuz i feel alone
the weight of the world on just 2 kids
how quick can it kill them place yo bids
never took another fuckin minute
to see the catastrophe
grow up fast be a man like me
but dont be a drunk like me see?
this world is fucked
can't catch some luck
cuz the lake still green and filled with muck
23 and coulda had no life
or a baby mama feelin that strife
got into dope had no hope but i pulled right through
dont want sympathy just showin that im just like you
parties laced with lucy and her diamonds
since i was a kid been workin at this shit
they call that grindin
mom worked 3 jobs to put out food
grandma payed bills and watched dad's mood
hit ma once, hit ma twice, kicked him out for hittin me
when i'm in this booth i spit that truth
aint no sob story it's just one about my youth

[verse 2]
now let me take a minute up in this booth
to tell another very well known truth
get under every cover cuz i'm free
i'm boogeyman in yo closet yes that's me
yes that's me
close your eyes don't wanna see
the death of your career once you fought me
so just stay back let me do my thing
dont plan to attack or pain i'll bring
killin this track scared you out your seat
thought you were worthy bow at me feet
wash them off call me jesus
imma come out this ghetto bigger than yeezus
flow move so smooth it feel like breezes
i'm gay as fuck, fuck shit god damn
i love this shit get me a man
to fuck real good every night
fuck with me and you won't stay tight
i'll fuck your ass and then your mind
get out my way i'm the king leavin yall behind


from New Age Icon (MIXTAPE), released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Vampir3 Clearlake, California


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