And He Was Born

from by Vampir3



[spoken word part]

this world is gettin colder
startin to feel just like my shoulder
to fake people think they can fuck wit me
nah it's just a fake fantasy
you fake fuck get the fuck away from me
honesty is a comodity
and clearly you aint got it see
that's the fuckin problem
that's my main issue
and when you kill yoself
imma still hand yo mamma a tissue
listen to the words commin out my mouth
im not foamin from your rabies
just tellin you to stop havin babies
you can't be a father if you hate yourself lately
and maybe if these hood dads got off they ass
the kids would be into school instead of smokin that gas
instead of violence,hate and painkillers
teach yo kids somethin other than the chronic album and thriller
fuck it,
since last night i became a prophet
a eulogy will be needed for anyone that wanna step to me
fire faith and a will,
power in my mind still
mentality set so i can make a fuckin deal
and then i will set my sights on creating my religion
this musical empire that i invision

[spoken word part 2]


from New Age Icon (MIXTAPE), released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Vampir3 Clearlake, California


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